Tuesday, December 24, 2013


I did, more or less, start using my cookbooks more often.  I went through stacks of cooking magazines, too, and cut out the intriguing recipes that led me to buy them.  I stuffed those in my own cookbook and made some interesting dinners and things.

But I utterly failed to blog about any of that.

I would like to be a better blogger, a more consistent writer, and most of all, I would like to find a way to channel all of the things that interest me into those hobbies.  At least some of the things.

It is Christmas Eve, and we stare down the new year with hope and trepidation and resignation all sort of wrapped up together.  I would like to write.  Will I have the stamina to stick to my plans and reach my goal?

Do I have one?

One thing at a time.

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