Thursday, December 29, 2011

a quick catching up

I haven't posted here in a few months - life got on a roll again and maintaining more than one (okay, two) blogging spaces wasn't high on my priority list.

Mom is never far from my mind, but she isn't haunting me; there are a lot of things happening here and now, the biggest of course being the baby that is due literally at any time.  Mom's been inspiring me a lot - in starting a baby book, I copied a lot of what she did in the one she made for me.  I've been making a TON of Mom's famous chocolate chip cookie cake, for various family events and just because it is the very best comfort food in the universe (I suspect greatly that another batch will be made in 2011, come to think of it).  And because Christmas was always Mom's holiday - she could do it up like no one else, and always did - she has been with me an awful lot in the last couple of months.

This blog is probably going to take a bit of a turn, if I'm able to keep it up, toward chronicling my little one's early life.  We'll see.  As usual, I blog about politics at Blue Dot Blues and Empower Texans, and I'm contributing elsewhere from time to time.