Monday, September 30, 2013

Cookbook collector

Fall cleaning has been underway for a few weeks at our house, as we tackle things like outgrown toddler clothes and the never-read stacks of books on our shelves.  One chore I tackled was shaking out my cookbook collection, which isn't actually very big but which does tend to collect dust more than provide inspiration at dinnertime.

I want to put those cookbooks I am keeping to better use, and what better way than to cook and blog about it?

Starting next Sunday and continuing on Sundays until I tire of this or lose the habit , I am going to pick a meal we have not tried from one of my cookbooks, and post about it here.  I will take pictures when possible and share a link to the cookbook in question when available.

As I said, my collection is small, but it is fairly diverse.  I have some inherited church cookbooks dating to the 1970s, some purchased ones with recipes going back 100 years, a Julia Child kitchen basics book, Paula Deen, Ree Drummond, Rachael Ray.  I have a handful of ethnic cookbooks and some other things.

My goals here are to try new things, shake the dust off my collection, and bring something to this blog I have not known what to do with.  This won't be strictly a cooking blog, of course, but at least there will be regular content!

I have started going through recipes and hope to decide for sure what I will start with this week. 

Yay for new projects!

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