Monday, March 11, 2013

fox in socks

Ever since Annalise began to crawl, she gravitated toward the many (many!) books in our house.  She was pulling them off shelves and flipping through them almost immediately.  And when she started walking a few months ago, there really was no stopping her.  To the books she would go.

Of course, I can't describe the elation I feel about this.  When asked what my daughter's favorite toys are, the answer is usually "books, Minnie Mouse, her caterpillar pull toy, and books."  She's fascinated by the sound pages make as they are flipped. She likes her board books, too, for chewing mostly, but also the bright pictures - she's started pointing at them and saying "dat?" to get answers from us.  Need a distraction during a diaper change?  The mini board book collection she has is perfect.

In the last couple of weeks, she's started searching for specific books and putting them in our hands to be read.  The two most popular are "Sleepytime with Rory" by Chris Friden and "Fox in Socks" by Dr. Seuss.  

I know from personal experience that repetition like this is great for the budding reader.  Yes, she's far away from that stage, but this is all instructive in one way or another for her tiny mind.  Who knows what wonders in literature lie in her future, all because she started out by asking us ("Dat-da, dee?" or "Mum-mum, dee?")  if we would read her favorite books to her again and again.

So no matter how many times we put Rory to bed with Flicker, or how many beetle battle puddles my tongue trips over, I'm happy to comply with my daughter's requests. 

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